High technology that brings convenience to life crosses border walls

We are proud of the cutting-edge technology that leads the manufacturing industry in Fukushima Prefecture with high aspirations.

Strong manufacturers of information and telecommunications equipment and electronic devices, including smartphones, have come to dominate the market regardless of national borders. It is desirable for high-performance devices to spread globally, but the “manufacturing” industry is facing fierce competition, and it is a world that cannot survive unless it survives. In order to meet the latest demand, it is necessary to work on technological development with a sense of speed. However, we must thoroughly strengthen the quality control system such as performance check and foreign matter analysis in product manufacturing.
Since we are also working on wire harnesses installed in automobiles, defects can be life-threatening, so a "strict inspection system" must be prioritized over a "speed-oriented" stance. In order to pursue more efficiency under such a premise, it is important to save labor for workers. We have taken the initiative in introducing automatic machines within the industry and have been working on full automation. We have established a management system for all employees, not just managers, and have begun to improve work productivity and reduce costs. Through such efforts, we are working hard to create an environment that produces high-quality products while responding to the speed of the times.

The applied technology is also active in the fields of renewable energy and medical devices.

Starting from harness processing for car stereos, we are engaged in the manufacture of high quality wire harnesses in Fukushima Prefecture. Car audio is still being devised and improved to achieve both functionality and sound quality as an in-vehicle electronic device. The business has grown significantly by continuing to pursue insatiable technology and aggressively investing in the latest equipment. We have been dealing with major companies in the automobile industry and the acoustic industry due to our high manufacturing capacity of connectors and cables, but we are expanding our business domain and trade area by applying our high technology.
Highly responsive cables that do not easily cause a time difference until signal reception are useful technologies not only for safe driving of automobiles but also for medical device manufacturers. Both are life-threatening, and I realize that there are lives that can be saved by developing technology, and I am making efforts every day to create new technology. We are also participating in the Fukushima renewable energy business by utilizing this technology. We also value the policy of achieving technological innovation not to "waste resources" but to "preserve resources" for the people who will live in the future. We are expanding our business overseas such as Hong Kong and Malaysia, and we are bringing affluence to people's lives with manufacturing industries that meet local needs.


In order to survive in the world of manufacturing that is evolving at a tremendous speed, we are constantly focusing on acquiring cutting-edge technology and developing new technology that will lead the industry. However, no matter how talented employees are, if we spare no investment in the development site, we will not be able to develop the skills to grow. Therefore, we are actively working on capital investment that involves large expenditures. It is only with the excellent technical capabilities of our employees that we can adopt such an aggressive management policy, and we will deliver high-quality products to the world through a relationship of trust within the company and a production system based on that relationship. I believe I can do it.
Young employees not only improve manufacturing technology but also the environment for producing products, such as developing in-house production equipment for ultra-fine coaxial cables that are compatible with information and communication equipment that is becoming more sophisticated and smaller at a very high speed. We are working by exchanging opinions from to managers. You can expect high technology to deliver convenience from Fukushima prefecture to the world.